Bodo Peace Talk: Where it is Heading? 



A Bodo delegation meeting the Union Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh, in New Delhi on April 26, 2017. The Chief Minister of Assam, Shri Sarbananda Sonowal and senior officers of Ministry of Home Affairs and Government of Assam are also seen. PIB

THE TRIPARTITE TALK between Union government, Assam government and Bodo leadership on Bodoland issue was held in New Delhi yesterday. The meeting, first tripartite talk after BJP came to power in the Centre, was chaired by Union Minister, Rajnath Singh and attended by Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal and State Minister, Chandan Mohan Patowary, besides Union Home Secretary Rajeev Mehrishi, State Chief Secretary VK Piersenia among others. The Bodo lelegation was led by All Bodo Students’ Union, National Democratic Front of Boroland (P) and two former members of Parliament. The government agreed to have agreed to take the matter forward but simultaneously lecturing on all round and inclusive development in the region. By emphasising on development, the Central government is actually attempting to give a hint that a separate state is not their priority. This ballistic shift in the political discourse has its genesis in the political leadership of Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) who are begging for more financial lollipops as a result of which this genuine issue is treated like a non-political issue which can be resolved at an official level of talk. It is pertinent to remind the government that this five decades of struggle is not a mere negotiation for more schemes and projects, but a demand for fair share of Constitutional and democratic rights in order to govern the region and make their own political choices for the interest of all communities – present and future generations. Is the Union government reading what is being written on the walls of Bodoland- Divide Assam Fifty-Fifty?

गाहायनि रादाबखौव फरायब्ला बुजिना मोनोदि मिरु आरो आसाम सोरकारा ब’रनि जेंनाखोव गोसो गोथारै अरायनि थाखाय सुस्रांंनो गोसो गैया। मिरु सोरकारा बयबो हारि समान जोवगाथायनि सायावसो बारा नोजोर होदों बुंनो हायो। “The talks which lasted for around 40 minutes discussed in details the long pending issues raised by ABSU for a lasting solution. …Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said the Government of India is committed to equal development of all communities following the Prime Minister’s mantra of Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas. “We want equal development of all communities, including the Bodos. Our Government will take all out measures to ensure overall development of the Bodos living in Assam,” Singh said.   …Expressing satisfaction over the progress made in the talks, Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal said that the State Government is working for a united and powerful Assam with an aim to ensure inclusive development for one and all. “Our Government is working relentlessly for a united and prosperous Assam ensuring development of all communities. The Bodos are one of the most vibrant and significant communities of Assam and we are fully committed to their development” Sonowal said. (The Assam Tribune, 27 April 2017)

..ABSU president Pramod Bodo said that they have a long pending demand for a separate Bodoland to safeguard the art and culture and land rights of the Bodos. Talking to newsmen, ABSU president, Pramod Bodo said that Government of India has taken no initiative to protect the linguistic and cultural heritage of the Bodos (The Assam Tribune, 27 April 2017).

नाथाय ब’रनि गुबै दिमाण्डआ जाबाय राजखानथिनि मोनथाय। बे सावरायनायाव बर’फ्रा राव आरो हारिमु रैखाथिनि खोथा बुंबायथाब्ला बरनि जेंनाया माब्लाबो जोबनाय नंआ। राजखनथिनि बेलाखोव नोजोर होनानै बिबुंथि लाखिनाया मोजां। मोनसे माहारिनि राव आरो हारिमुखोव रैखाथि होनो एबा जोवगा होनो आलादा हादोरनि जेबो गोनांंथि गैया। बिखोवथ बर’नि राव-हारिमु जोवगाथायनि थाखाय बिफान दाब्लानो सुफुंनो हायो। नाथाय दुखुनि बाथा् जोंनि मिदियाव होनाय बिबुंथिफ्रा बे बेलायावसो बांसिन। मैया मिरु सोरकारजौं सावरायनानि उनावबो जों बे बाथा्खोव खोनानो मोनदों। सोरकारा बिफोरबादि खोथा खोनाबायथालब्ला रंजा लायगोनसो। बर’फ्रा गुबुन जेंंना गैला नामा? बर’ रावखौवथ’ संबिजितयाव सोखाबाय। इमल्पिमेत्नबो जागासिनो लासै लासै। बर थुनला आफादा नोजोर होनांगोव बेनि सायाव। हारिमु एबा राव रैखाथि होनो हादोर बिनायनि गाहाय जाहोन जानो हाया। अल्बा मा मा एजेनदा लानानै सावरायनाया मोजां? बेनि अनगायै खोवसेनि बेनदोंजो आवगाय लांआब्ला जों बयबो उदास्रिनि गाधोनाव अरायसम थानांगोन। 

In a region where sociopolitical situation is entering into a more complex situation than ever, it is crucial to focus on some concrete agenda for negotiation. These should include – rights of the indigenous people within the framework of Constitutional and Democratic Rights, land alienation, immigration, right to governance and freedom of political choices, economic backwardness, discrimination, human rights violation, conflict and displacement, among others issues. We can’t constant talk about Bodo cultural, language and identity or history. It important we limit out discourse to “constitutional and democratic rights”. Moreover, Boros shouldn’t be impatient while seeking a long-term and sustainable solution to the problem. Peace is possible when solution becomes acceptable to all parties involved in the process. Both BAC and BTC accords were hurriedly signed without much debate and deliberation. Not a single provision is inserted in the past accords for Bodos living in three Bodo concentrated districts – Sonitpur, Lakhimpur and Dhemaji. The tangible results of these fragile peace accords have partly hyphenated the political imagination of the community in the past. It is desirable the leadership and the stakeholders of the region must avoid choosing a pain relief this time. 


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  1. सैथो बाथ्रा बर’ दैदेनगिरिफोरनि गोसोआव गिनाय दं।
    बे गिनाय आरो बेले-बेजेखौ नागारनानै आवगायथारनांगोन। थाबैनो आलादा रायजोखौ सोरजिनांगौ

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