My Blood Has No Colour

By Monjib MochahariThe Password | 25 April 2017


SHARP AT 11 A.M. ON 23 APRIL, a large number of people gathered outside Rupnath Brahma Civil Hopsital in Kokrajhar town to donate blood. Some youth were underage so they had to returned home without donating. We haven’t see such blood donation camps in such a huge number in the recent past. A massive voluntary blood donation is underway in four districts of Bodoland Territorial Council area. As planned, over 10000 units of blood will be donated by people for pregnant women, children and cancer patients and those in dire needs of blood across India. Members of Voluntary Blood Donars’ Association, Jharkhand, and The Action Northeast Trust (The ANT) are assisting the Bodo groups in this noble mission. The technical support is be provided by Bongaigaon Civil Hospital.

“It is a drop of humanity that I want to share with people irrespective of the community they belong,” says Mainao Basumatary, an elder Bodo woman who donated blood without her husband’s knowledge.  

What is rather surprising is that this initiative of Bodo leadership is being questioned by some irresponsible media houses, journalists and citizens. Brazenly they have shown their expertise on branding human bloods with derogatory terms such as: #HinduTez (Hindu Blood), #MuslimTez (Muslim Blood), #ChristianBlood and #BodoTez (Bodo Blood). One media writes “এতিয়াৰে পৰা ব্লাড বেংকত পাব বড়োৰ তেজ (From now onwards you will get Bodo blood in blood bank). Whose blood do you want – Hindu, Muslim or Christian?”

“This criticism is uncalled for. This is our gift to humanity. We are spreading love. Our blood is for all. We are propagating UN Brahma’s principle – Live and Let Live through this act of kindness to people in need,” says Michael Daimary in Baksa district.

“In search of cheap media publicity, I think media have shown their antagonism towards Bodo community. It is not first time that they are doing it. It has become a terrible trend in some media houses,” argues Gwmbwr Mochahary in Udalguri town. 


Digital news published by News Next One on 23 April 2017

The author has cross all ethical boundaries and social norms. “One inference we may draw is that these self glorified media persons have a perpetual antagonism towards the community and each and every work people do in the region. What moral right do they have to criticize people sitting in the AC rooms?” questioned Ranju Hajwary who donated blood yesterday.

Clearly this can’t be called a journalistic reporting but a racial profiling intended communalise the issue. There are no appropriate words to describe these unprofessional media practices. It’s a reflection of health of contemporary Assamese journalism.


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