Buli Basumatary : from National Award winner to street vendor

Buli Basumatary, an award winning archery player from Assam is now living life as a street vendor.



Buli, who is from the Chirang district of Assam was once a famous name in the world of sports. Buli, had been trained by the Sports Authority of India (SAI) in 2004, and bagged two gold and one silver in the National Sub Junior Archery Championship held in Rajasthan. She also bagged a gold medal and a silver in the National Junior Archery Championship held in Maharashtra. Buli made it to the news after she claimed the gold medal in 50 metre event in the National Senior Archery Championship held in Jharkhand. Apart from these, she also has many state and regional awards in her account.
Buli’s life took a turn in the year 2010, after she sufferred physical injuries that compelled her to stay away from sports for a long time. Buli is just another name in the world of sports that faded away due to economic constraints. “She was compelled to quit her practice, as we were not able to purchase the expensive bows and arrows for her. We never got any help from the Government either” said Buli’s family members.
Buli, a wife and a mother of two children at present, sells oranges on the street today to feed her family. Buli could be seen as a street vendor on the streets of NH-31 at Samthaibari, near Indo-Bhutan borders. During free hours, Buli trains 4 aspiring students at Sidli-Koshikotra Higher Secondary school.
“I have tried multiple times to get into Paramilitary Forces, but failed,” said Buli.
Courtesy: G-Plus

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