ABSU Organises a Peace Rally in Guwahati City

By Monjib Mochahari:

As part of its annual Bodo Get Together, All Bodo Students’ Union, Guwahati district committee organised a peace rally in Guwahati city on 12 September. A large number of students pursuing education in different colleges and universities in the city actively participated in the rally.

In the long struggle for a separate Bodo homeland in Northeast India, Bodo students have become silent victims of the state sponsored terrorism and fratricides among Bodo leadership. Often, innocents students are victimised for unknown reaons and thus robbed of their life and destiny. What is even more tragic is an absence of institutes of higher learning in Bodoland, a region in which there are over five million populations. Such disturbing situations and expriences of community continue to produce both psychologial and physial imapct on the lives of the people.

The successive governments both at the Centre and the State have pratically failed to look into the educational needs of the region. Bodoland University and Central Institute of Technonology in Kokrajhar district were established only after the Bodo peace accord signed in 2003. After several years of its establishment, these institutes are yet to become full-fledged. Inronically, the Bodoland Territorial Council, which was formed after the peace accord with Bodo Liberation Tigers in February 2003, can’t even appoint a single primary teachers unless sanctioned by the State government.




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