Bodos: Tragedy Behind a False Flag


protest photos
A Protest Rally organised by Bodoland People’s Front (BPF), Kokrajhar 9 August 2016

Summer heat wave couldn’t stop people from flocking to the protest rally organised by Bodoland People’s Front (BPF), a regional political party currently part of Assam’s first BJP government yesterday. Women and children, young and old, holding placards on their hands marched through the streets raising slogans against the Songbhijit faction of National Democratic Front of Boroland (NDFB-S), a militant outfit which claims to fight for liberation of Boroland from the political entrapment of Indian Union. The party workers, who looked well-fed by political elites, were leading the crowd from the front. They were agitated, troubled and agonised by the gruesome killing of 14 civilians at Balajan Tiniali weekly market on 5 August. They talked, loud and clear – down with NDFB-S. Such protest was a desideratum, and everyone has right to protest when an act of terror is committed. However, what the agitated public failed to understand was that this was not the kind of protest the situation was calling for. Wasn’t the party which has gone bonkers soon after brutal episode, with little or no evidence, people should rally behind? Obviously not. A collective protest is crucial to unearth the agencies that spelled bloodsheds. However, people chose to rally behind a false flag and thus once again indicating – Bodo leadership can’t be together even during the crisis. When Union Home Ministry, Assam government, Indian Army and civilians, have conflicting views, how smartly opportunist Bodo political elites dragged the issue to a decisive conclusion – pointing fingers to their political rivals. And, thus doing the best drawing personal political benefits from the bloody mess. It’s baffling when the government agencies are not on the same page on the incident, how did the tribal leadership in Kokrajhar gave a nice shot to the issue? Have they surpassed the truth at the cost of public agony to sageguard their vested political interests? Isn’t crucial to demand for a proper investigation into the incident by national agencies such as CBI, NIA etc? Or, have they been bribed to reduce the burden of the government agencies or salvage invinsible political entrepreneurs who need conflicts to stay afloat on politics? Who stands to gain from this political hindrance? Aren’t we paying a heavy prize for it? Have we spared a minute to see what is behind that false political flag unfurled at Balajan weekly market or chose to be a clueless tiger?



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  1. Every one knows the Balajan Tiniali incident was a fake story told by Assam police. The writer, producer, director and the main villain of the story is non other than Assam police. But such a steps taken by BPF is very unfortunate.

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