ISIS Like attack on Young Tribal Student in Udalguri District

MONJIB MOCHAHARI | |1 June 2016 |

When people across Assam are celebrating the success stories of BJP’s electoral victory and HSLC results, tribal people in Udalguri district are forced to live in a tense situation. On the early morning of 30 May 2016, around 4 am, a 15-year of tribal student named Sansuma Ramchiary was tortured like a dreaded criminal by some anti-tribal savages on suspicion of theft in Harisinga. No major media has reported this disturbing development. The local administration has absolutely failed take any prompt step to arrest the perpetrators of the heinous crime happening just 300 metres away from the local police station. As of now, only one accused named Anjan Das has been arrested. The rest of the accused are  abscounding. The incident occured just two days before Sarbananda Sonowal took oath as Assam’s Chief Minister.


There is a similarity of punishment given to him for mysterious with that of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria. I couldn’t believe when I heard first that such type of primitive mob justice took place in my home town. The words are not neough to discribe the gravity of the torture.

Sansuma was tied to a post and severely beaten till he felt on his knees. His body was cut with sharp razors and blades, spread lime and chilly powder all over his body.  Wooden sticks and canes felt on his bodies for hours. The ordeal continued for over three hours till he felt flat on the ground without consciouness. A close relative of the victim feels, it is a repeatation of what people witnessed during the AGP government in the late 1980s when hundreds of innocent Bodo youths were tortured and handed over to police custody for mysterious reasons.

As informed, some local say witnessed to the scene say,  “Blood spelled out of his bodies profusely. They put lime, salt and chilly power in his eyes as a result of which he lost his eyesight.” While another ground report indicates that he cried for help for hours till he lost his senses. He was helpless. He was surrounded by angry mobs from a dominant caste whose identity I am not revealing here. It is alleged some police personnel were present at the time of the incident. They didn’t protect him, neither took of his custody. He was left to die, beaten that he will never be same again even if he regains his senses, people argued.
The incident happened just a few hundred metres away from Harisinga Police Station. The place is familiar to me. I know the situation here very well here. People possess communal mindsets. In an earlier occasion, two Bodo youth met a similar fate in the year for unknown reason. They were severely tortured and handed over to security forces.
The victim is a Class IX student at Harisinga H.S.School, a popular school in the area. He is from Damdam area in Baksa district, but living with his brother-in-law in Towmari village (Niz Harisinga). He has been studying in Harisinga H.S. School from class VI. His family doesn’t enjoy sound economic life as result of which the young boy is forced to navigate a difficult situation.
On the day of the incident (May 30, 2016), Sansuma was out on his morning walk. It was his regular excercise. Since it rained, he happened to stand on the veranda of a shop. The watchman in the proximity of the shop alerted about his suspicious presence. Immediately they surrounded him and accused him for stealing although this was not the case. He was just standing outside the shop and waiting rain to stop. They dragged him and did what I described earlier – ISIS style of barbarism, untill he lost his consciousness. The victim is in a critical situation undergoing treatment in Tezpur Medical Hospital.
The Harisinga police, under IO Umesh Bordoloi, have registered the case under IPC 342/325/326 and R/W 23 Juvenile Justice Act/2000. As per the FIR filed (41/16) by Praneswar Ramchiary at Harisinga police station on 30 May 2016, Sri Ratan Das (owner of the shop), Babul Das, Tupa Das, Mukut Das, all from Harisinga town area were involved in the crime. It is alleged there are more people who incited the mob violence. Even after 24 hours, the accused were not arrested. They are on the run, people say.
At the time of writing this report, the situation in Harisinga was very tense. Inability of the police administration to nab the culprits has created a shadow of doubt whether the family will ever get justice. The general public is agitated and willing to move an extra mile to seek justice, if the system fails. Meanwhile, people have voiced for an indefinite economic boycott in Harisinga untill and unless the accused are brought to justice. But the question is – will the authority work? How long people should be allowed to take law into their hands? The bigger question is why an incident happening just a few hundred metres away from police station not stopped at all? What is baffling is a spectacular silence of Bodo politicians.
Harisinga is a small town mostly concentrated by Caste Assamese Hindus, Koch Ragbongshis, Nepalese, Rabhas and Bodos. The place falls under Udalguri Legislative Assembly Constituency currently represented by Mr Rihon Daimary, who is a cabinet minister in the newly formed BJP Government at Dispur.

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  1. we all know that bodo people’s are being treat ed like a cannibal from the beginning. As we are very simple and cool hearted they find the way to serve like an animal in every field. we are only fighting for our rights which we deserve it. But for this the community of others people doesn’t bear our political rights they always want to keep us in their toes. They can’t see our development to go forward for our culture n lives. Always ignore us. So please I request to all the bodo people’s to wake up n shout for the voice of rights. which we deserve. Don’t think that we are going in development right now but there r many third eyes pulling back us down. But the culprit should not be escape treat them as they did with the innocent boy and for the incident I pray for the victim soon he will be well n may god bless on him. Amen.

  2. agar uske akhen ko kuch hua toh jis2 ne usko mara tha unke akhen nikal k unko lagayenge.. sala haramkholo ne isis k name pe Bodo logo ko marne ki kosis kiya hai na unko pap lagega me srab data hu jin2 ne mari hai un logo ki jati per roj mara mari ho or kabhi devolopt na ho… me prarthana karta hu ki Sansuma Ramchiary jaldihi thick ho …God bless him …

  3. The Culprits should be punished with immediate effect by the law.I strongly condemn this heinous act done by some disgusting peoples.we the Boro peoples should raise a voice against such heinous people so that further no any such accident take place.

  4. In udalguri dristic the most anti of boro people r in harsinga area… bt in no tim boro people can finish them all… people out of udlgri think that boro people r the main region to bring the bad situation in udalguri…. true region is that boro people r da most innocent n thts the region why obodo can do anything with boro people…

  5. Its worse than ISIS…. culprit must be punished badly…. they hv to give eye back to that boy…..

  6. ma bima khoro ni bidi khamnango gothosa khou lai…..mwnthia gara directly blame kham nango nama…addddddddw raga

  7. They should give him eyes……not only eyes but what ever he lost her part they should give him….
    Criminals should not get bal….by giving money… They should treated badly punished…,. Parow kwor zat….matat aku nay …matro gobor asa….

  8. What I’ve heard is really sad. It is my birthplace and I have seen all the people from every different community leaving their life in harmony. What just happened is truly disappointing. I never expected that such brutal incident may also occur in Harisinga. I’ll pray for the juvenile’s quick development in health and for the justice he deserves. I wish, people or political parties do not make this a issue and end up in a communal riot. Eye for an eye will not solve anything. I’ll pray for peace to come back, may we never face such unfortunate incident in future.

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