OneStep forward, TwoSteps Backward by UPP

By Monjib Mochahari|| 7 March 2016.

Most of the leaders of the United People’s Party (UPP) sponsored by influential ABSU, NDFB faction and other like minded Bodo and non-Bodo organisations will be contesting the Assam Legislative Assembly elections scheduled for 4 and 11 April 2016. This state of affairs, however, doesn’t look very promising to strike the ballot boxes. What is visible as of now is that they are tied up to their respective constituencies and not able to extend support in other constituencies where they are fielding candidates. It is simply a repetition of mistakes made by People’s Coordination for Democratic Rights (PCDR) in last BTC elections when top leadership couldn’t make themselves visible to voters because they were busy in their own constituencies. I believe this was one blunder for which they couldn’t’ win many seats although chances were very high in certain constituencies. It is rather surprising why each and every leader need to contest elections? At the end of the day, no credible leader will be around the constituencies to take charge the electoral battle. Even at this crucial period, nobody is quite sure of where UPP battle room is. It is unclear who is overseeing their everyday political activities. I think Bodo leadership need to think logically instead making crazy rush for positions and political rehabilitation. Why not some credible leaders make themselves available to oversee the entire electoral game? Don’t they feel that some top party leaders need to steer the process? In some places I visited recently, people who have been in support of UPP since its inception, are simply wondering when will the party leadership campaign for their local candidates. But this is not happening. And, this is not going to happen after all every leader, whether capable or not wants to become law maker. To me, a Kashmiri poem, “A country without a post office” perfectly describes the failing political strategy of UPP.



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