War of words between AKRSU and RUKR 

From our Correspondent, the Sentinel August 27, 2015


In a swift retaliatory measure against the All Koch Rajbongshi Students’ Union (AKRSU) led by Biswajit Ray who hit out at the Bodos alleging the distortion of the history of the Rajbongshi based on a book Bodoland back to the future published by the BTC, the president of Royal Union of Koch Rajbongshi (RUKR), Kumar Prithviraj Nayaran Dev on Thursday hit back at Ray saying that Ray was making an attempt to incite communal clashes between the Rajbongshis and the Bodos by provoking people.


Royal Palace of Koch Dynasty

In a statement issued by Dev, he said, “We have already clarified our status over an article published in the book published by BTC titled Bodoland back to the future and edited by Dushyant Parashar. In a press meet in 2014 we declared our full confidence and accepted all the documents printed in that book,” he said adding that it was stated in the book that the last king of Sidli Kingdom and the Bidyapur Rajbari Palace belonged to the Mech or Bodo tribe. He said regarding that they had talks with the Deputy Chief of BTC, Kampa Borgoyary also but some so-called leaders of the Koch Rajbongshi community were misleading the common people about their history. He also said that this could be an  attempt to incite ethnic clash in BTC again before the 2016 assembly polls.

Dev said, “We the Royal descendants of Sidli Kingdom are historically and practically Raaj Koch which is similarly to Mech but we are not so-called Koch Rajbongshi and we honourably accept that Mech and Raaj Koch tribes belong to the Bodo Indo Mongolian tribe historically.” He said that Kamata Ratna, writer Ambika Charan Choudhury in his books also mentioned that the Koch or Mech were of Bodo origin. Dev claimed that the AKRSU leaders led by Biswajit Ray did not know the history of the Rajbongshis.


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