Disappointing SEBA HSLC Result 2015.

BODO MEDIUM SCHOOLS need a complete overhaul to bring more smiles to the underprivileged students whose parents navigate between poverty and hardships. As of now the agencies in the state government are alleged to be systematically showing its apathy to vernacular medium schools. Lack of appointment of teachers in Bodo medium schools, delay in supply of books, untimely publication of text books etc are exceedingly contributing to failing of tribal students in the board examinations every year.

In large number of vernacular medium schools, there are no teachers for important subjects such as English, Mathematics, and Science. These are the core subjects in which most tribal students fail terribly and repeatedly in board exams. Even if there are, the skills set required for imparting quality education is missing and not up to the mark. It is unfortunate the genuine grievances raised by All Bodo Students’Union and Bodo Sahitya Sabha for improving the vernacular medium schools have been given a deaf ear for years. There is no initiative taken by the state authority to fulfill these long standing demands for bring qualitative change in vernacular mediums. For time and again, instead of appointing the meritorious Bodo teachers, a sizeable number of npn-Bodo teachers whose knowledge in Bodo language equals to zero, were filled in Bodo mediums schools. Such steps can be termed as an attempt to give an euthanasia to education system in one of India’s constitutionally recognized Bodo language.

FB_IMG_1433639978593 FB_IMG_1433329464800

Unfortunately even the BTC administration has also walked an extra mile to politicize the entire appointment process of teachers in provinicialised schools and colleges under its jurisdiction. Undesirably, most of the elected representatives (MLAs/MCLAs/EMs) have glorified themselves as the chairpersons of the school/college management committees, either directly or remotely controlling them. And, those who submit their “KING-SLAVE LOYALTY” to the party are appointed as faculty in their closely guarded political constituencies. The question of merit is difficult to be asked, but loyalty that weighs more than anything else in BTAD area currently. In addition, a sizable number of teachers are now an organic part of the political process itself committing less time to their noble profession. It is quite ridiculous to think whether the process of systematic state apathy and excessive politicization of academic institutions will ever liberate the poor education system in Bodoland. But as of now the students appearing in the final board exams are forced to count only the failure.


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