We’ll not allow any illegal Muslim from Bangladesh in tribal belt: NDFB-Progressive

The Times of India, 4 August 2012 

KOKRAJHAR: The National Democratic Front of Boroland (NDFB-Progressive), led by Gobinda Basumatary, on Friday came down heavily on the state government for its failure to protect the indigenous people of Assam and warned that they will not allow any Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh to live in tribal belt and blocks.

He cautioned that the violence between the indigenous people and Muslim immigrants would be repeated if illegal immigrants are not pushed back after updating the NRC.

Basumatary, who is the general secretary of NDFB (P), told newsmen here that 60 per cent of over 1 crore 88 lakh bighas of land in tribal belts and blocks have been illegally occupied by non-tribals, mostly by Bangladeshi nationals. He said the violence will not end unless the government checks illegal Bangladeshi immigrants by updating NRC, taking 1951 as base year, and deport them

“The government must update the NRC taking 1951 as base year before resettling them because illegal immigrants have no right to live in tribal belts and blocks,” said Basumatary. He added that the government is protecting Muslim immigrants for their vote bank politics, but the indigenous people of the state are being not given security.

Basumatary said national parks like Kaziranga, Orang, Manas and Nameri Wildlife Sanctuary are being occupied by suspected Bangladeshis and the illegal immigrants are now trying to grab land in Bodo-dominated areas fater getting the patronage of politicians.

He said according to the 2001 census, the population of Muslims in Kokrajhar district is 1.5 lakh. But despite this fact, AIUDF President Badruddin Ajmal has been saying over 4 lakhs Muslims are in relief camps in Dhubri. “From where 2.5 lakh Muslims have come and who are they?” he questioned and said most Muslims are in their villages but Bodo indigenous people are in the relief camps due to lack of proper security.

The NDFB leader said the state government must carry out NRC update work across the state. “If the NRC is updated, at least 70 per cent illegal Bangladeshis would be detected. The Congress government is not in a mood to update it,” he added.

Basumatary said over 95 per cent Muslims living in Amteka and Khwila Mwila areas of Indo-Bhutan border in Chirang district have no documents of being Indian citizens despite tall claims. He also questioned as to why the Centre and Assam government are concerned only when there is conflict with Muslims, but why they are not serious when the clashes take place between Bodos & Adivasis and Dimasa & Karbis.

The NDFB leader alleged that violence in Kokrajhar, Chirang and Dhubri are instigated by the government using illegal immigrants to weaken Bodo people. He alleged that Muslim camps have better security arrangements.


Courtesy: The Times of India, http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-08-04/guwahati/33034846_1_illegal-immigrants-muslims-tribal-belts-and-blocks


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